Standard Size Corset Shop

Two styles of underbust corsets in sizes 20" to 38", with a variety of stylistic upgrade options as add-ons.  All non-sheer corsets come with a floating lining, and orders delivered to the United States come with a box for storage.  All international corset orders come with a corset bag in place of a box.

To purchase:


-Choose your style, design, and size (Asteria or Phoebe; silk, fundamental, or sheer; and standard measurements or tightlacing).
-Choose your fit upgrades (as-is, made to measure, or made to measure with mock up).
-Choose your stylistic upgrades (grommet color, busk size or color, lace, crystals, casings, etc).
-Choose any additional accessories to match your new corset.


Asteria and Pheobe in Three Styles

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