Phoebe style underbust, smooth shaping through rib and hip.  Sheer corsetry mesh in white or black, basic options. No embellishments.

Sheer Phoebe Underbust Corset

  • Phoebe Style Sheer Underbust. No embellishments.

    Please indicate your color choice and cinch preference in the above box. Please say either standard (s) or tightlacing (t).

    *Single layer construction - single layer corsetry mesh, in either black or white, with matching satin covered coutil casings and binding.
    *Matching waist tape
    *6 panel construction, 12 panels total.
    *Standard 1" silver busk.
    *16 spring and spiral bones.
    *Two part grommets in standard silver.
    *Matching 5/8" double faced satin ribbon.