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Black satin coutil corsets, in waist sizes 20" to 38"

Satin Coutil

  • These corsets have been in development for over 8 years! Based on the wide variety of bodies that have been fitted in the studio, this pattern was created to fit everything from a corseted waist of 20” up to a 38” cinch. Each corset is boned on each seam, with larger sizes featuring additional bones throughout for further support.

    Like the look of the corset but don’t fit the measurements exactly? Choose your waist measurement and choose either “Made to Measure” or “Made to Measure with Mock Up” in addition to your corset purchase, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs.

    -Rib spring of 8" (Closed waist, plus 8”)
    -Hip spring of 12" (Closed Waist, plus 12”)
    -Front length of 12.5”
    -Back length of 12”
    -Waist to underbust of 5”
    -Waist to mid-hip of 5”
    -Six panel pattern
    -Decorative and functional satin coutil strength layer
    -Combination of spiral and spring steel boning
    -Silvertone busk, with additional support bone
    -Two-part silver grommets
    -Front modesty placket
    -Internal Waist Tape
    -Cotton Lining
    -Dry Clean only

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