Boning Upgrades: Doubled, 3/8" and 1/2".

Boning Upgrades

Boning Upgrade Choices
  • Boning Upgrades, from 1/4" steels to 3/8" or 1/2" wide boning. Of note, standard size corsets with waists 30" or above are already double boned, and the upgrade to wider boning is priced with this previously doubled boning in mind.

    Upgrades available to waists 20" to 28":

    *Doubled boning (one at seam, one at mid panel)
    *3/8" boning (single)
    *3/8" boning (doubled)
    *1/2" boning (single)
    *1/2" boning (doubled)

    Upgrades available to waists 30" to 40":
    *3/8" boning (doubled)
    *1/2" boning (doubled)

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