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An Introduction to Corset Making - Partial Payment


An Introduction To Corset Making

February 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2018 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Times: 9 AM to 4:30 PM, All Days

Location: The Bad Button Studio, Frankfort, KY

Class Size: 2 to 5 attendees

Tuition: $450 (Three payments of $150)

Refreshments: Beverages, and light refreshments will be provided on all days.


Have you ever been intrigued by corsets, historical or modern?  Interested in the form and function of such a sculpting garment or desired to use a corset as the basis of a stunning ensemble?  After several years and due to popular demand from central Kentucky corset enthusiasts, we are presenting our  Introduction to Corset Making.  This corset making class is perfect for anyone who has been fascinated by corsets from all periods, and will be a great guided introduction to contemporary corsetry.


Course Information:

Due to the fast paced nature of this workshop, students will need to have beginner to intermediate sewing skill, as well as some experience with commercially produced patterns.  This course will not be teaching basic sewing skills, or use of a sewing machine, so it’s suggested that students practice with their machine in the weeks leading up.  If you are travelling from out of town, there are a few machines available for hire, and they can be reserved on a first come, first serve basis.  If you would be interested in this service, please make contact when purchasing the tuition.  In the course, we will focus on a variety of topics and construction techniques.  At the end, you will leave with a completed (or nearly completed) corset complete with steel boning and busk. 


Most necessary materials for completing your corset will be provided during the class.  Some basic sewing supplies will, however, be necessary.  A list will be sent two weeks prior to the class dates with information on additional materials needed.  In order to complete their corset, students will be supplied with The Bad Button’s proprietary  pattern to alter, pattern paper, black and red or black and purple rosebud coutil or black satin coutil and matching thread, spiral and flat steel for boning, stainless steel separating busk, waist tape, grommets, bias for binding, lacing cord, and fabric for a mock up.


As corset making involves several specialty tools and materials, students will have access to The Bad Button’s grommet presses, tipping press, and steel cutting implements.  In order to make your corset over the three day course, we will cover:


  • A beginner’s introduction to corsetry: support through the ages, mythology, and a brief overview of silhouettes

  • Measurements: taking proper measurements for your body

  • Materials and tools: Specialty fabrics, reinforcements and preparations

  • Patterns: Using your measurements to properly alter a pattern to fit

  • Mocking up to check the fit: creating an inexpensive mock up to check and possibly alter fit

  • Constructing your corset: Cutting the coutil, assembling, inserting the busk, inserting a waist tape for stability, boning channels, cutting and tipping steel boning, inserting grommets, and finishing the corset.

  • Caring for and wearing your corset: proper wearing and cleaning techniques, as well as a primer on archival storage.


Once the course is complete, each student will leave with a completed or nearly completed corset ready to wear!  You will also be sent away with a resources list that will include books and suppliers for the future!


About your Instructor:

Your teacher, Alisha Martin, is the owner and corsetiere behind the luxury corset brand, The Bad Button Bespoke Corsets.  Bringing her love of custom corsetry to the public in 2010 as a professional studio, Alisha had been making corsets for several years, perfecting her skills in historic and modern corsetry.  Focusing on the aesthetics of fit and historic techniques, The Bad Button’s unique style is best explained from Alisha’s education in human anatomy and extensive research into extant garments across the country.  The only full time corsetiere and Kentucky Crafted* artist in Kentucky, Alisha is also a writer for Foundations Revealed and creates a yearly couture corsetry collection.  Her passion and excitement for both modern and historical society will be shared with the class in this exclusive course.



Students may choose to pay in full, or by three installments of $150, with the final installment due two weeks before class.  If paying by installments, you will be invoiced for the additional payments.



Class fees are non-refundable.  When purchasing the class in full or via a payment plan, you are agreeing to this policy. 


*The Kentucky Crafted Program is the Kentucky Arts Council's marketing assistance program that supports professional visual and craft artists by promoting a diverse selection of high-quality art throughout Kentucky.


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