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Intern with The Bad Button


To apply - Simply get in contact with us to express your interest.  Candidates to be considered should send a brief but informative message about your work and interests, with a link to your portfolio or attach a few small pictures of your work.  Do feel free to attach your resume, but internships are accomodated to students who are driven, interested in corsetry, and have already shown efforts in sewing techniques and skills.  All levels and ages are welcome, but preference is given to degree seeking students.

Interviews - The general preference is for students to be interviewed before taking an internship position at The Bad Button.  This tends to include a day where you visit the studio so we can get better acquainted, as well as learn more about your knowledge and skill level.  Please bring a sample of your work or your portofolio with detail shots.  At this time, we encourage local students as we understand distance is a factor in each internship. 


Internships - Each internship is different, though ideally we intend to touch on most topics of independent corsetry businesses.  This might include days where the focus in on embellishment, cutting, sewing, or even taking part in a photo shoot.  The length of placement varies, as we understand different universities have different hourly requirements.  Typically, an intership is two to four weeks, with hours available Mondays and Tuesdays, 12 pm to 7 pm.

While internships are given mostly to students currently in degree programs, self-taught corsetmakers and textile artists are always welcome as well.  Corsetry is a small, but growing interest, and all who wish to further such a unique skill are encouraged.  Whether your interest lies mainly in embellishment, shape, or construction, you will leave your internship with plenty of information!

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